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2100 N Main St #B13
LA, CA, 90031
United States

Burton Gray Living Art. Ever expanding collection of evolving art. Online "Thumb" Print sales - Museum quality ultrachrome prints, dated, signed and thumb printed by the Artist, Burton Gray.


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Burton Gray

Colors and form are primary with figurative elements playing a supportive role. Creative decisions are driven by a subliminal, free form mix of associations and analytical analysis. Color theory and aesthetic intuition swirl together to create new combinations of form, color and composition. The ultimate goal, to produce an intellectual and emotionally stimulating work of art. A new form a beauty. A "Gray" beauty. Or rather, the beauty that lays between two contradictory forms, colors or ideas.

Art Walk Spring 2015

Burton Gray

Burton Gray talking with a couple visitors about art and the science of creation. BURTON GRAY STUDIO, Brewery Art Walk - Spring 2015

Burton Gray talking with a couple visitors about art and the science of creation. BURTON GRAY STUDIO, Brewery Art Walk - Spring 2015

I'd like to thank everyone who came out last weekend to visit the Brewery and the BURTON GRAY STUDIO. I enjoyed speaking with you all about my paintings, my epoxy technique, my creative process and about art in general. 

Sorry if you came by when we were trying to film a shot for a future promotional video and you couldn't speak with me directly. I make it a point to be as available as I can be during the Art Walk but circumstances frequently dictate that I must let some people down. Hopefully I will see you next time. Or you can email me your questions ( click on envelope icon in upper right corner of this website), I'll be happy to answer any technical questions you may have.

Special thanks to anyone who bought a piece of mine or a piece of art from another artist at this years Art Walk -  By purchasing art you are supporting the proliferation of passion, intelligence and beauty throughout the world. May it bring you a measure of pleasure in your daily life for years to come. 

Hope to see you all again in October!

Happy First Day of April

Burton Gray

Private commission (April Fools)

Hey Art lovers, 
Sorry I haven't been posting much art lately, I've been working on a
recent (and very surprising) commission I received in February from that famous couple people are alway talking about. At first I thought it was a joke but after a long meeting with Mr. West (and later Kim) it was clear that they loved my Fantasia style and were very serious about wanting a surrealist exploration into the dark hubris that drives one to accept “the [price] of fame.” I was taken aback by their humble willingness to explore their inner most feelings in an ernest and truthful manner; and their eagerness to hear and receive a perspective different from their own. Most unexpected was their ability to laugh at themselves, their continued success, and the way modern society deems it necessary to elevate them to the level of sacred deities. Truly these are two of the most epically sane individuals with the most firm grasp on reality of anyone, anywhere, ever.

Happy First day of April.
B. Gray

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Image depicts the 3 way relationship between Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Fame (as a tangible concept).  Dark undertones of hubris and the prevailing cynical view that modern celebrity fame is a corrosive cancer on the face of society drove my creative decision making process. Kanye West is depicted as a pious man who accepts the insane world he is in and the role he plays as leader of the dance. Kim hangs on tight to the image of power he projects. The source of all this power is "Fame," depicted here as a blue Elvis angel. They stand at the alter of public opinion. Having handed over their only child as a sacrifice to the Fame god they look out for their reward. Kim looks out through a porcelain mask at the people staring at her. Kanye looks up to the golden calf he worships and emulates with his golden wardrobe. Shoes are significant. Kim's have white souls, white is a symbol of purity so with every step her souls become dirtier and more scuffed up. Kanye walks around in fantasy shoes of his own design and Elvis wears the blue suede shoes he sings about and that now epitomizes the transient nature of popularity and fads. They all are boxed into a picture frame, like a T.V. shot or photo, but my image show that the craziness of their world extends beyond the confines of a single frame, that an entire fantasy universe surrounds and supports them. A universe that reflects their, and our, projected desires to be luscious and golden.