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2100 N Main St #B13
LA, CA, 90031
United States

Burton Gray Living Art. Ever expanding collection of evolving art. Online "Thumb" Print sales - Museum quality ultrachrome prints, dated, signed and thumb printed by the Artist, Burton Gray.



Ultrachrome Living Edition Prints mounted and coated in Epoxy Resin by the Artist, Burton Gray.

Burton Gray finishing a "hyper-gloss" production of his "TREE of LIFE." Photo by Eric Cacioppo.

"BLUE GOLD," corner photograph of a 30x30" hyper-gloss piece. Photo by Lynn Rossi.

"SPACE SPIRAL," Info card on back features artist signature, thumb print and double date. Photo by Lynn Rossi.

"SPACE SPIRAL," Info card on back features artist signature, thumb print and double date. Photo by Lynn Rossi.

"Hyper-Gloss" (Art Resin) 

“Living Art” is an art form made possible by technology.  “Hyper-Gloss” works are the most powerful manifestations of this form. UltraChrome prints with the Artist’s face-logo embossed in lower right corner are mounted to a birch panel (hand made by local artisans), sides are painted and piece is coated in ArtResin (UV stabilized epoxy resin) by the artist himself. With nearly a quarter of an inch of epoxy resin these works really come alive and are the most dramatic productions of Burton Gray works.

Please note, do to the organic nature of this process tiny flaws such as a bubble, occasional dust specs and rippled edges will occur but no piece will ever leave the studio with a flaw that takes away from the viewing experience. Epoxy is the best way to experience these images and the cost is that up-close there will always be occasional imperfections.

Information card with double-dates, signature and thumbprint are mounted on back.



You may have seen my epoxy works in galleries around Los Angeles or right here at the Burton Gray Studio. While I don't sell these works online per say I do accept commissions. These works are made to order. Every image is available. You choose the size, the image and the profile (side) color.


Price is based on the cost-of-production (Materials, time, overhead). My goal is to offer affordably priced Fine Art but these are expensive and time consuming to produce. Due to increased demand and Burton Gray’s insistence on making these himself the price is considerably higher than all other options. 


Currently priced at $300 a square foot. 

Popular sizes:

8 x 10” - $165

12x24” - $600

16x20” - $665

24x30” - $1,500

24x36” - $1,800

24x48” - $2,400

36x48” - $3,600

36x60” - $4,500


Wood panels are hand made by local artisans so there are no size restriction and the artist, Burton Gray, would be happy to make size, proportion, and scale recommendations based on image you choose and the space you wish to hang. Depending on panel size, color request, and art Epoxy Resin pieces take 1-4 weeks to complete.


Discounts are offered for multiple pieces purchased at the same time.  10% discount for multiples, 15% discount for 4 or more pieces. 


Our head of sales is Mehrbod Mohammadi. For cost estimate, special options or artist recommendations; please write to: