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2100 N Main St #B13
LA, CA, 90031
United States

Burton Gray Living Art. Ever expanding collection of evolving art. Online "Thumb" Print sales - Museum quality ultrachrome prints, dated, signed and thumb printed by the Artist, Burton Gray.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a question not answered here, how can I contact you?

Contact studio directly:

Email me with any questions you may have, I or someone from my studio will get back to you ASAP.


Can I order images or sizes that are not shown on site? 

Very likely, if you want a Burton Gray image that you don't see here email studio with request. We are happy to  accommodate most requests. Pricing is generally in line with other like sized works.


How is a digital painting different than an oil painting? 

For what I do they are no different, only better. The creative limitations are severely relaxed if not all together eliminated. Only thing sacrificed is texture of oil paint, and edge control of brush work. The later of which can be overcome and hopefully Adobe or Corel will eventually find a solution.


Why would someone buy a print if it is just going to become outdated?

One is purchasing a singular snapshot in the life of a continually evolving painting. Sure, I feel I am improving it but for some people early evolutions may be more highly valued. I liken this situation to that of viewing a play when it first opens, verse seeing it on a random Tues. Matinee, verse waiting until closing night. Early evolutions are looser, more broad strokes, vivid colors etc. and as they mature they become more polished. Slowly replacing raw emotion for clarity of thought. Also, knowing where a work is headed adds to the narrative of the so called "outdated" version.


Do you sell limited editions?

No. But sort of. Every print is a snapshot in the life of a painting. Once a work evolves, however many prints I made of that evolution becomes a fixed number and is thus limited. 


Are your prints a good investment?

I don't make art for people to invest in. I make art for people to experience. I sell prints to people so that, if they so desire, they can experience a work on a daily basis. However, I don't exhibit previous evolutions so if an older version becomes popular for some reason its value would likely go up.


Why are there two dates?

The Evolution date is the day and time that the image was last saved. The Creation Date is the day printed. The thumbprint is to verify that I, the artist, approve of the image, that on this date and time I believe it is how I want it to be. 


Why a signature and a thumbprint on each print?

Digital artwork can easily be stolen or cheaply reproduced. My prints are gallery quality. The thumb print and signature gives each print a heightened level of authenticity. Furthermore, I feel it is important to let people know that I touched the art hanging on there wall. These aren't mass produced. They are, for the most part, made to order.